Tiny House Sub-floor

Installing the Sub-floor

After insulating and extending the trailer frame, it was time to install the sub-floor.

Thanks to Andrew Morrison’s Tiny House Build videos, we knew that we needed to check to make sure that our trailer was completely square  (it wasn’t) before laying down any sub-floor panels.

To account for the tiny bit that our trailer was out of square, we needed to snap a chalk line down the length of the trailer, 4 feet from one edge, and make sure that as we added each sheet of OSB to the floor, we were staying plum with that line.

We offset the seams, same as you would for a regular house, and after applying sub-floor glue to the wood frame underneath (no sub-floor glue on the metal because remember: anywhere metal was going to touch wood, we put down that foam sill seal to prevent condensation from forming on our floor), we screwed the sub-floor panels down at the floor joists with our Teks self-tapping wood to metal screws.


Before the final sub-floor OSB panel was installed, we placed a few personal mementos beneath the floor of our new house for good luck and protection: a prayer card from Kevin’s brother, James, and a small print of one of my grandfather’s paintings.

We plan to seal some other charms and mementos into the walls of our home as we get ready to close them in (it will be a while), so if you know of any good-luck-charms or things we should include, we’d love to hear about it!

Tell us in the comments: what good luck charms should we seal into our walls when the time comes?
Do you have a lucky [fill in the blank] that you’d like to send us?  Let us know in the comments!

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