Preparing the Trailer for the Tiny House Build

Insulating the Trailer

Once our trailer got here, the first order of business was filling the floor of the trailer, between floor joists, with 3 inches of rigid foam insulation.  This will give us an R-15 rating in our floor.

Here’s a video showing how we did it:


Once that was finished, our next task was to attach 2x4s to the outside of the trailer frame to extend the frame a few inches in each direction.

This will give our exterior walls something besides just the metal frame to sit on.  The 2×4 studs in the wall framing will sit partially on the metal trailer frame, and partially on the wood frame extension we are building here.

This is easier to show than tell, so here’s another video explaining how this works:


Those are Teks brand self-tapping wood to metal screws we are using to bolt those 2x4s into the metal tube framing.  You can find them at Lowes and Home Depot, though we found that neither store carried many sizes to choose from.

The tool we used is a Dewalt brand (there are many other good brands out there) battery-powered impact driver.

Even with that impact driver and the self-tapping screws, we still ended up pre-drilling through the 2x4s to speed up the process, as those screws take some time to tap through the thick metal frame of our trailer.

Next, we are going to install the sub-floor, which will attach to both the metal trailer frame, and the extended 2×4 framing.

Stay tuned for our next video, where we will talk about laying down our sub-floor.

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